Space Traveler Bubbler

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Perfect for a traveler. Comes in a protective custom case. Won't break and can take anywhere. Made with only the finest 100% Borosilicate glass.
  • Build-your-own water bubble pipe!
  • Patented design.
Product: Choofs water pipe
Average weight: unit 130g; case 82g
Average total weight: 225g
Case dimensions: L 18.5 cm; W 8.5 cm; H 5.5 cm
Material: high quality food grade borosilicate glass.
Color available: Pink, green, teal, transparent black, frosted. (Blue soon)
What comes in the mail?
  1. Main body
  2. Bowl
  3. Cigarette Holder
  4. Mouthpiece
  5. Break-proof case
Product details:
  • Hand-made borosilicate glass
  • Food grade
  • Easy to carry incognito
  • Full protective case
  • Extreme hot-cold temperature resistant
  • Design protected by national patent
  • Licensed by Choofs


  • Water filters and cools the smoke
  • No heavy metals or toxins
  • The body does not get hot when you use pipe
  • All parts are made anti-roll (bowl only rolls in circles)

How to use:

  • Put cool water into main body until halfway full
  • Insert bowl or cigarette holder in body
  • Gently push and lock mouthpiece until it locks
  • Place lips on mouthpiece to inhale
  • Pull bowl once ready to clear smoke

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