What Are Percolators?

Hey Space Smoke Fam, we hope you’re staying healthy and high!

 You may have heard the word “percolator” being thrown around when talking about bongs, but what are they exactly, and what purpose do they serve? Today we’re covering everything “percs” with some Glass 101!

Long story short, a percolator is a contraption that filters and diffuses the smoke from your bong in different directions through the water.  Normally this is a chamber in a bong with various tubes or holes to diffuse the water, but the slits you see toward the bottom end of your downstem are also considered percolators.  The reason they are such game changers is that they make the smoke cleaner and less harsh by pushing it through as much water as possible.  This means a cooler, smoother, and cleaner hit. Often you will see bongs with 1-3 chamber-percolators, but keep in mind: while it may seem tempting for that perfect rip, more percs means it will be increasingly difficult to clean.  Now that we know what percolators are, let’s get into the different types!

Inline percolators are a simpler design, with a slitted, horizontal tube laying horizontally across the inside of the bong, creating more airflow. 

Honeycomb percolators are round discs with little holes fitted within the water pipe, giving it that honeycomb-like appearance while helping diffuse the smoke. 

Tree percolators kind of look like umbrella trees, with tubelike limbs hanging down, pushing the smoke down and out through the water in various directions.  While they’re a classic among perc-lovers, they are some of the harder designs to clean.

As the glass scene continues to grow, we see more and more beautiful designs, each more scientific and intricate than the last, all to get that perfect bong rip.  We even have ones now that will spin your water and smoke into a cyclone-like vortex!  What is your perfect percolator? Do you like multiple intricate ones, or prefer the easy to clean simpler diffusers? Let us know!