Pipes, Bubblers, Bongs, Oh My!

Happy Monday Space Smoke Fam! It’s a brand new week, full of fresh opportunities (and bong rips)!  Today we’re diving deeper into the world of glass, and talking about some of the different device options available on the market to smoke out of!

Chillum-  These little guys are handy because they’re small; about the size of a joint, and come in all different shapes. Glass blunts are a great example, but sometimes they even look like hollowed out cigarettes, or mini spoon pipes.  Nice and discreet, and perfect for those one or two rips while on the go without committing to a larger, pricier piece.

Spoon Pipe- Also known as the hand pipe, glass pipe, or just sometimes “piece”.  We usually see spoon pipes made of glass, but sometimes you can find other variations, such as wood or silicone.  These are made to fit in your hand, composed of a bowl, carb, neck, and mouthpiece, all sort of resembling a spoon.  Spoon pipes offer a dry rip as they do not contain water chambers.

Bubbler- Bubblers are your hybrid between hand pipes and bongs. Essentially a hand pipe but a little bigger, with a small chamber for water to allow the smoke to filter and cool a bit before you inhale.  Since these are smaller than most bongs, they’re slightly more convenient for on the go adventures, or discretion!

Steamroller: Steamrollers are another type of dry pipe, and usually look like a hollow glass tube with openings on both ends, with an indentation for the bowl about 3/4 of the way down the tube. To carb the steamroller, you cover the end opening with your hand. These tend to be easy to clean and offer a direct hit, but are a bit more harsh.

Bong:  Bongs are a larger glass piece with a water chamber, and sometimes even an ice chamber!  These can be very simple or very intricate, depending on your personal preference, and also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, like beakers, straight tubes, etc.

Rig:  Rigs are similar to bubblers, except that they are intended for concentrates rather than dry herb.  This means that they come with a banger, but in all honesty, oftentimes you can always trade out the bowl piece for a banger on your bubbler (so long as the mouthpiece is far away enough), to turn it into a rig!  The bigger the rig, the cooler and smoother the rip.  However, small rigs are ideal for a slightly harsher, but more direct and cloudier rip!

Now this isn’t exactly glass, but the dab world has always continued to innovate their products, and lately we have been seeing a lot more electronic dabbing devices hitting the market, some even coming with glass bubbler attachments so that you can still get a water diffusion option!

We hope that this has helped to clear some confusion on all the different devices out there to smoke out of!  Each has its unique set of benefits, so we always recommend going with whatever fits your personal lifestyle best- whether you need something simple and discreet, or you’re looking to level up your smoking game to something a little more intricate, or “heady”.  

What was the first device that you smoked out of?