How To Clean A Bong

High Space Fam, we hope you’re staying safe and healthy!

People are smoking more than ever right now, leaving bongs everywhere extra dirty!Not only that, we know this pandemic has brought about a shortage in pretty much everything, including isopropyl alcohol—a stoner essential for bong-cleaning.

For those who don’t already know, one of the most common methods of cleaning glass is to put salt and iso into your bong and shake it around.  The alcohol helps to unstick all the resin and residue, while the salt adds in some abrasion to help get those extra tricky bits off.

Unfortunately, while iso used to be sold pretty much everywhere, it’s now very hard to find, especially in the needed potency.  Your best bet is always the highest percentage alcohol; it used to be easy to find 91% ones in stores and 99% ones online, but at the moment both seem to be scarce. If you don’t have an on hand and just want to use household items, super hot water and dish soap is your next best bet.  The hot water mixed with the soap will help get the resin off, but still may leave a little bit left-unless you’re cleaning it like a total champ!

Some people prefer to pay a bit more to clean their bongs with a bit less hassle, which is where specific bong-cleaning solutions come into play.  Brands like Resolution Colorado, Orange Chronic, Formula 420, and more have been increasingly popping up as the popularity of glass increases.  Often all you have to do is pour the contents into your bong and shake vigorously. Each product contains different materials to clean your glass, some of which whose liquids are reusable so that you can get multiple pieces clean with only one bottle of product! 

 Whether you opt for a pre-made solution, or prefer the DIY method with products you likely have at home, there’s never a reason not to have a clean bong!