Can YOU Handle Bongzilla?

What’s up Space Smoke Fam! We hope everyone has been staying safe, healthy, and high!

Ever heard of Bongzilla- the world’s largest bong?

The mighty Bongzilla weighs over 800 pounds and stands at a whopping 24 feet, with a bowl piece that can hold up to a quarter pound of weed!!

This bong was housed at Cannabition, a cannabis museum on the famous Fremont Street of Downtown Las Vegas, and was definitely a must-see part of the “Fremont Street Experience”.  To get to the mouthpiece, visitors needed to take an elevator (or the stairs if you’re trying to get some extra cardio in).

There’s no surprise that this bong was crafted by the legendary glassblower, Jason Harris AKA Jerome Baker and his team.  Jerome Baker was one of the artists targeted in the FBI sting “Operation Pipe Dream”, so Baker sees this particular piece as a giant metaphor for his career.  He has gone from having his business shut down by the feds, to creating the world’s largest bong!

These craftsmen created 25 individual pieces that they transported to the museum, then expertly welded upon arrival using special tools.

Before the museum’s unfortunate shut down which brought Bongzilla back home to Baker’s “Las Vegas Dream Factory”, there had initially been talk of letting Snoop Dogg take the first rip of the mighty bong, which would have had to use vacuum suction to help the smoke reach the top of the bong fast enough.  While we unfortunately didn’t get to witness this, we can all agree that it would have been a pretty epic sight to behold!