Boro Glass???

Hey Space Smoke Fam! We interrupt your flight through the galaxies to bring you some glass science!

Ever wonder why some of your bongs seemingly break at the slightest touch, while others can practically (or literally) be thrown without breaking? We hear that American glass is better than Chinese glass, but what’s really up with that? We’ve covered how bongs can be made of many materials, but today we’re going to dive a bit deeper into GLASS!

Regular glass as we know, is fairly easy to break, shatter, or chip, much to the despair of any stoner who has been left to clean up shards soaked in dirty bong water (RIP). Borosilicate glass on the other hand, which is made primarily of silica and boron trioxide, is much stronger and specifically known to be much more resistant to sudden temperature change.  This is why borosilicate glass is often used to make laboratory glassware, as well as cookware.  Borosilicate is also much easier to clean due to it’s smoother surface and resistance to corrosion, another big bonus for stoners! Aside from being less prone to breakage and damage, another reason “boro glass” is an attractive option is because of it’s smoother, more clear appearance than typical glass. 

While it may be a bit more expensive than “Chinese Glass”, it has definitely proven to be worth it for anyone more serious about their smoking experience, or in need of some extra durability!